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The Huntsville Chiropractic Center is where you and your health is the center of attention. It is a very unique and special health care facility, that is different from most Chiropractic offices. We focus on obtaining the results you need as effectively as possible utilizing a wide range of techniques and technology.

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Your "no pain again" body is our specialty

If you have been involved in a car accident, have migraines, sinus headaches, low back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, arthritis, or the occasional problems from being a weekend warrior in the back yard, or you simply want nutritional counseling, The Huntsville Chiropractic Center is where you get your body pain address.

Why Choose Huntsville Chiropractic Center for Your Treatment

The Huntsville Chiropractic Center is where you are always welcome. From the first time you call our office to your first visit and beyond we are here for you. Our mission statement is to help as many people that we can to experience improved health and a better quality of life.

When you enter The Huntsville Chiropractic Center you, and your goals are our focus. Dr. Charles Brown is a result based physician which means that everything is tailored to your getting the results that you are looking for.

When Dr. Brown established the clinic mission statement, it was done with great care and intention. There is a reason that its focus is simply helping others and that it is. Is the clinic a business? Yes it is, but that is always secondary to helping those who come through our door.

Dr. Brown does not believe in cookie cutter schedules. Your body and the progress you are making dictates your treatment frequency. Also Dr. Brown works with every patient to make sure that availability to treatment is provided and affordable. You will also find that The Huntsville Chiropractic Center does not engage in expensive contracts for care

The Huntsville Chiropractic Center and Dr. Brown provides excellent care in a warm caring environment, with integrity. The care provided is backed by Dr. Brown's 25 years of clinical experience founded in an excellent education from Palmer College of Chiropractic. However the excellence in treatment does not end there! Dr. Brown utilizes many different adjusting techniques as well as therapies to assist in expediting the obtaining of your results and goals.

The Huntsville Chiropractic Center offers programs which provide access to care affordably!!
When you first call the office you will more than likely speak with Waynette who takes calls and schedules patients in the office, as well as guiding you through your kiosk experience, checking you out of the office, rescheduling you for your next appointment and making sure that you are happy and satisfied with your visit before you leave the office.

Next you will more than likely meet Cynthia who will take your vitals and monitor and perform specific therapies for you and make sure that you are ready to get your treatment from Dr. Brown.

Depending on which visit you are having Dr. Brown will be your next stop! If it is your first visit, Dr. Brown will examine and evaluate you to identify what your issues and problems are, and determine the cause of action or treatment plan. Other than that you will see Dr. Brown for your treatment which he will re-examine afterwards to make sure that he has accomplished what needed to be done. Dr. Brown may also recommend or prescribe a specific supplement, or herbal therapy for your condition or to help your body recover and repair. However you ultimately decide what it is that you wish to do, and you are never under any obligation.

You will then go back to Waynette who will check you out of the office, make sure that you have your next appointment, and insure that you are satisfied with your visit.

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