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Quick Paperwork
Before we begin, you will be asked to fill out a short form. This gives us the information we need to get started with a diagnosis and treatment.

Once you have completed the brief form, you will sit down with the doctor for a consultation to talk about your bone, hurts and pains, how they got started, the concerns you have and potential treatment options.

History and Examination
Once your condition has been determined, the doctor will ask you a few more questions to determine the right course of action moving forward.

X-ray and Testing
If the doctor determines that your situation merits future investigate, he will recommend x-ray and other tests to obtain a better diagnosis of your condition.

Things You Should Do
The doctor will recommend things you can also do at home to reduce the pain and to improve your situation. The use of ice packs, sprays and ointments to reduce pains, exercise instructions and preferable activities are usually part of your home instructions

Follow-up and Next Appointment
Our friendly staff will then set up follow up appointments on a date convenient to you. Treatment options and recommendation are also given.

Products You Can Use
During follow-up and appointment setting our friendly staff may also guide you to products we have at the center that may aid in lowering the pain and getting you back to feeling normal again.

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