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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas Edison.

Many people do not realize that Chiropractors are educated and licensed as primary care physicians.  They do not know just how versatile Chiropractic really is.  It is not just some place you go to "get your back cracked".  We have worked very hard to create an environment which will help you improve and optimize your health.

Huntsville Chiropractic Center offers a few different things that you might not expect.  Dr. Brown is a Palmer Graduate and works with a wide range of treatment techniques, because no one should expect Grandma to be treated the same way as her football star grandson. No matter if you are an athlete or a couch potato we can help with you acheive your wellness goals.
You will find nutritional support and programs as well as exercise programs, and holistic weight loss programs.

What is Available
Chiropractic Adjustments or manipulative therapy using Palmer package techniques, including Gonstead, Thompson, diversified, Activator, and low impact techniques.

Physiotherapy Services

Ultrasound which uses sound waves to produce deep heat,

Electric Stimulation which is used to decrease pain, relax muscles, and rehabilitate or strengthen muscles,

Cold laser therapy, which is utilized to decrease inflammation, alter the circulatory patterns in injured tissue, and to stimulate and increase healing on a cellular level

Kenesio Tape, used to support compromised tissue and provide for the reduction of swelling or draining of lymph fluid,

Parafin Wax which is a more superficial heat, most beneficial in patients with arthritis especially in their hands.

Laboratory services consisting of lipid panels, glucose testing, blood creatine levels, general blood counts, blood typing, and urinalysis.

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