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Use Rubber Mulch to Prevent Kids Playground Injuries

Kids move around and play a lot when they are in a playground. So even if there are guardians watching them, there are still potential risks and hazards that may cause them broken bones and muscle injuries. Before kids can just play around unsupervis READ MORE

Try Huntsville Best Chiropractor if you are suffering from back pain

With the constant stress that people experience everyday along with the physical demands of our jobs, many Americans experience low back pain at one point or another. There are instances when you experience back pain and it goes away. But there are a READ MORE

Chiropractors Can Treat Arthritis

Many including older and younger people suffer from arthritis. Some may think that this is a disease that only occurs among older people. But in reality, even younger individuals may also suffer from arthritis. Unfortunately, some would not even know READ MORE

How Does Spinal Manipulation Work

Adjusting the spine can point out to different kinds of manual therapies that manipulate the joints in the spine. The correct term for such treatments is what you call the SMT or spinal manipulative therapy. Opinions regarding the use of such treatme READ MORE

Promoting Chiropractic Care to Reduce Pain Medicine Usage

From joint to back pain, most people would rely on the use of medications to seek relief. And although there is really nothing wrong in using such medications, it is better to have a much safer alternative that does not result to negative side effect READ MORE

What You Need to Know About Rheumatoid Arthritis

As we get old, we experience different joint problems. Over the years, arthritis is part of the aging process and many people have been experiencing this problem which prevents them from doing the activities that they used to do. But arthritis does n READ MORE

Did you know that Chiropractic decreases postpartum pelvis pain

A case report of a study made March of 2015 involved the Chiropractic treatment of a female, age 30 who was suffering from severe postpartum pain from symphysis pubis dysfunction during pregnancy. The study author indicates that condition of postpart READ MORE

Have Bone and Muscle Pain - Here is why you should see a Chiropractor

Many Huntsville / North Alabama residents are in a quandary on how effective chiropractic can be. But studies proved that the Chiropractic really works; consider these 3 reasons. An effective back pain reliever Chiropractic works as it truly reli READ MORE

Chiropractic autoe for auto accidents hurts and pains

A motor auto collision is inevitable as all sorts of vehicles are plying the roads every hour. No one is immune from a vehicular accident. Do you know that one of the most common injuries following an auto crash is injury affecting the whiplash? Whip READ MORE

How to prevent back pain:: Tips from Huntsville, AL Chiropractic Center

Patients can easily avoid back pains while shoveling snow, announced Dr. Charles Brown of Huntsville Chiropractic Center. They are providing four useful tips for thousands of individuals experiencing aching necks, lower back and shoulder pains due to READ MORE

Chiropractic Care Helps Seniors Stay Active and Avoid Injury Says Huntsville, AL Chiropractic Doctor

Seniors are prone to experience a decline in their ability to coordinate and move freely. Chiropractor and Dr. Charles Brown, founder of Advanced Chiropractic, reported that chiropractic care may be the best option in restoring this lost mobility. He READ MORE

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